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The REBEL Safetygear MAXIMUM guarantee:

  • MAXIMUM comfort!
  • Ensuring MAXIMUM wearing time!
  • Resulting in MAXIMUM protection!
By incorporating cutting edge technology, absolute comfort, and the latest fashion and design into every pair of shoes, REBEL Safetygear has earned its place as one of the most tried and trusted brands of quality safety footwear.

REBEL Safetygear – Africa’s Hardest Working Boot!
Today’s workforce demands far more from their protective footwear than ever before, insisting that they are comfortable and stylish, while still keeping them safe
At the workplace or on the move, REBEL Safetygear footwear ensures these essential combinations of quality, styling and safety are met.

We believe you should not compromise when it comes to demanding safe and comfortable footwear.

All of REBEL Safetygear’s footwear is compliant with international safety regulations and we ensure that only the finest quality materials are used in the manufacturing process. The end results are products which have been quality assured and tested in the most trying of applications, offering versatile safety footwear solutions