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Dromex exclusive partner manufacturing foot print is one of the largest in the World and is strictly run under the ISO 9001 :2000 quality management system.

The ISO 14001 environmental management system has a state of the art knitting and dipping facility that uses a fully automated production line and all finished products conform with International standards. Its internal laboratory is equipped with a professional testing centre conducting a large range of mechanical, thermal and chemical tests adhering to standards such as ISO, ANSI/ ASTM and CE.

Dromex understands the importance of worker safety and so with this in mind, suppliers manufacture and develop every glove to the highest standards using leading edge technology.

We will continue to search for new and innovative ways to improve hand, arm and body safety in the work place.
Dromex is a major player in the supply of technology solutions to personal protective equipment and together with international partners that are leading industrial players, active in the field of Textile, Chemical, Environmental Sustainability and Research and Development.

With each partner taking leadership positions with many years of establishing and developing advanced and innovative technologies in collaboration with re-known universities and laboratories across the world.