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An Icon in Men's Safety Footwear

Beier Safety Footwear is synonymous with the Bova brand. Featuring the popular bulldog logo, the Bova range was launched in 1997. Since then, the shoes' reputation for hardwearing reliability has grown swiftly.

Today, over a million pairs of the men's safety shoes are produced annually at Beier Safety Footwear’s factory in KZN, South Africa. Bova is exported to 19 African countries. The brand can also be found in the Middle East, Papua New Guinea and the United Kingdom.

Style meets safety with Sisi

Today, more women are doing jobs traditionally the preserve of men and this has shaken things up a bit… clumsy, ill-fitting and unflattering men’s boots made women feel out of place in an industry where they rightly belonged.

That’s why Sisi’ve come up with a range of safety footwear that makes women look and feel great! As a proud BBF Safety Group (Pty) Ltd brand, Sisi embarked on a journey to find out what women really need from their safety footwear.