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Amrod’s Total Solution:

At Amrod, everything they do is geared towards providing clients with a Total Solution aimed at making business as convenient, simple and cost-effective as possible.
Coupled with in-house branding solutions, extensive product range, backed up by deep inventory levels, provides you with the comfort of knowing that you are able to focus on what you do best: SELL!

About Amrod

Founded in April 2000 by Amit Brill, Craig Friedman and Nimrod Barlev, Amrod’s success story is one of integrity, innovation, risk taking and hard work. Today they proudly present the leading Corporate Gifts and Corporate Clothing & Headwear catalogues in the industry.
Amrod's Quality Assurance
Whilst it is important to introduce new products every year, our overriding requirement to provide you with good quality products at a fair price is never forgotten.

Amrod is – and has always been – associated with quality products that you can trust, and this continues to be of fundamental importance to them.

To this end, Amrod has recently opened a Hong Kong office, and together with Quality Assurance Agencies we ensure that strict inspections are performed on all shipments at the factory, prior to departure.

Additional checks are carried out by our local QC teams when the goods arrive at our warehouse so that you have the confidence to promote their products.